Tilt Garage Doors – Façade and Standard garage doors

Smartech Tilt Garage doors are ideal for all carport and garage door openings, especially larger openings where decorative claddings, beautiful timbers or the latest aesthetically pleasing finishes are specified. Gone are the days when garage doors were just a necessity. Make it a feature of your home or building!

Using the exclusive Smartech flush finish jambs, the tilt façade garage doors can be virtually hidden within the external wall or façade.
Opening Height 2400 and 2700mm 2400 and 2700mm 
Opening Width 2400 to 5600mm 5600 to 7500mm
Cladding Weight up to 400kgs

NOTE: These sizes apply to the standard range, N1 Wind Classification. All widths are subject to variation based on the Wind Classification, cladding design and height required.

Should your requirements sit outside our standard range we also specialize in custom design manufacture to suit your needs and specifications, whatever they may be.

Benefits of Tilt Garage Doors

Smartech Tilt Garage Doors feature an extensive range of quality design features:

  • Customised cladding
  • Made to order
  • Proprietary aluminium extrusions
  • Colour of your choice
  • Motorised or Manual
  • Concealed design

Find out more about these benefits on the Façade Garage Doors Overview page!

Introducing the new “Economy” and “Premium” lines of our Tilt garage doors

There are two lines available in our Tilt Garage Door range: Economy and Premium.

What is the difference? In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the Premium line includes additional features such as

  • powder coating,
  • heavy duty weight bearing capacity,
  • motorisation,
  • superior sealing,
  • larger dimensions,
  • sustainable design and assembly.

Both models of our Tilt Garage Door range can be designed as either “flush finish” or “standard finish”.

A highlight of the Premium Tilt Garage Door line is its heavy-duty weight bearing capacity of up to an unprecedented 400 kg so that you can even use hardwood as a cladding material! Your cladding options are almost endless.


Smartech do not supply and install the tilt garage door cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.
Find out more in our new Tilt Garage Doors brochure!

Customised Tilt Garage Doors

All Smartech Garage Doors are fully customisable. Our experienced team will help you create the perfect solution for your building project. Please contact us via the contact form below or call us on (03) 9747 9233 to discuss your requirements.

To successfully specify your Smartech Tilt Garage Door please make sure to:
  • Select either Economy or Premium line.
  • Advise Smartech of your cladding choice (note: cladding is not included).
  • Make sure the rough opening is finished plumb, true and square.
  • Advise which glass solution you intend to use (if applicable).
  • Specify the colour.
  • Specify Motorised or Manual Operation.