A beautiful two-story home in Singapore featuring multiple glazed folding doors with a small indoor garden

Architect: Genome Architects

Project Page: Craft House (Singapore)

Photographer: Tan Hai Han

Folding Overview
     Doors, Windows, Walls & Louvres

Smartech Folding doors, windows, walls or louvres let nothing get in the way. Uniquely folding overhead, our folding windows, doors and walls open to create unimpeded spaces. Unlike bifolds, they do not stack to the side or require a floor track, creating a wide-open space.

The compact and elegant folding mechanism was designed to suit applications with limited space around the window, door, wall or louvers. They simply fold away neatly overhead. This makes the Folding range perfect for an almost endless number of settings including lounge rooms, showrooms, servery windows, shop fronts, warehouses, patios, balconies, and many more.

They can also be combined to provide a uniform appearance to your building project.

Benefits of Folding doors, windows, walls & louvres


We customise the design of the Folding door, window, wall, or louvres frame to correspond with different cladding options. This allows for greater flexibility and develops the possibilities for the overall building design. People love the latest timbers or composite timbers, either as boards, battens, or slats on their doors, windows, walls or louvres. There is also imitation stone cladding for a natural look. Other options include fibre cement, aluminium, metal, imitation brick and ceramic, to name just a few.

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.


The Smartech Folding doors, windows, walls, or louvres is supplied in a quality assured polyester powder coat finish. We have an excellent range of powder coat colours available as standard. For non-standard powder coat colours, additional charges apply.

Note: Additional costs for the Premium Range


Although the Smartech Facade Garage Door can be supplied hand-operated, most of our garage doors are motorised and remote controlled for ease of use and convenience.

The motor is positioned at the top of the tracks to keep the garage looking clean, while brush seals completely hide the durable chain drive system.


Smartech Folding doors, windows, walls, or louvres are all custom made. You specify the size, colour, hinge finish, cladding material and the mode of operation and we will create the perfect Folding doors, windows, walls or louvres frame to suit your project.


Durability and effortless operation of our Folding doors, windows, walls, or louvres are assured with Smartech’s proprietary Balanced Weight System™. It is a perfectly counterweight balanced design, providing long-lasting and effortless operation of the doors, windows walls, or louvres.

Project: Richmond High School Gym

Details: 3.1 h x 13.3 w Folding Door, combination Glaze and Cladding


All fittings including link arms, drive ramps and hinges are stainless steel. Furthermore, the hinges can be powder coated. This gives an aesthetically pleasing finish to all parts.


Weight covers for our Folding windows, doors, walls or louvres are designed to enclose the counterweights out of harm’s way and provide a tidy aesthetic finish. Covers will wrap around, extending from the track and returning to the wall.


Smartech’s high-quality dual sealing system seals the gap between the track and the Folding door or window. This is complemented with an additional nylon brush seal that seals the gap between door or window and wall preceding the dual seals.

Underneath the door or window is a PVC bulb seal that sweeps and compresses against the floor or sill threshold where fitted. An additional neoprene sweep seal can be fitted forward of the bulb seal to further complement and enhance the sealing.

We use the exclusive Smartech lintel aluminium extrusion with rubber seal to close the gap at the door or window head. It is designed to integrate with the overhead bulkhead plaster lining internally.

Folding Doors

Smartech Folding doors can be fully glazed, which is especially suitable for larger openings in buildings, like in commercial offices, showrooms, and entrances.  However, they are also excellent for applications such as lounge rooms, entertainment areas, kiosks and bars, garages and carports, shop fronts, shopping complexes, factories and warehouses, sports and leisure centres, patios, balconies, and winter gardens.

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Open plan family home connected to the beautiful outdoors through their open glazed folding door

Folding Windows

Opening folding window overlooking a front yard and the Smartech Door Systems Ute
Our vertically Folding window beautifully enhances higher and wider servery counters in food, bar, or bistro areas. These aluminium windows open easily to fully access the entire counter.

When combined with a glazed balustrade, our Folding windows can be used as a balcony window, transforming a room into a balcony.

The Smartech Off-Set Folding window is a variation of the Folding window. Its bottom panel swings outwards to open, ensuring we have you covered where this feature is necessary or just desired.

We especially designed our new Zero Line Folding Window for servery windows that are on the property boundary line. They swing in and upward to open overhead to ensure full counter access.

Folding Walls

Smartech Folding walls are perfect for dividing walls and passageways, fitting snugly into a bulkhead above, becoming invisible when open.

Folding walls are ideal for kiosks and bars, counters, shop fronts and showrooms.

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Modern home kitchen and dinning room overlooking a small courtyard with a glazed folding wall

Folding Louvres

Closed folding louvres above outdoor seating
The Smartech Folding Louvres can be used with various cladding options and in many spaces. They are ideal to screen patios, entertainment areas, balconies and wintergardens, but when opened allow unobstructed access to indoor or outdoor space.

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Customized Folding windows, doors, walls and louvres

All Smartech Folding windows, doors, walls and louvres are fully customisable depending on the application and cladding being used. Our experienced team will help you create the perfect solution for your building project. Please contact us via the contact form below or call us on (03) 9747 9233 to discuss your requirements.

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.

To successfully specify your Smartech Folding windows, doors, walls or louvres please make sure to:

  • Advise Smartech of your cladding choice.
  • Make sure the rough opening is finished plumb, true, and square.
  • Advise which glass solution you intend to use (if applicable).
  • Specify the colour.
  • Specify either powder coat or stainless steel hinges.
  • Specify Motorised or Manual Operation