One of the two options in our beautiful Facade Garage Doors range, is the Folding Facade Garage Door. As it swings in, there needs to be enough clearance space directly behind the door. Additionally, it needs more head height than the Tilt Facade Garage Door version, so it can fold up. 

Unlike with our tilt version, this door cannot be mounted with one unbroken sheet of facade, due to the break where it folds. However, the frame is designed to suit weights up to an unprecedented 400kg, so there are numerous cladding options!

For the first time in the Australian housing market, our facade garage doors are now available in ‘flat-pack’ kit form. This has allowed us to reduce costs, to bring the most architectural garage door to more people.

Folding SR100 Folding SR150 Folding
Opening Height 2400 to 3000mm 2500 to 3000mm
Opening Width 2400 to 5700mm 5700 to 7400mm
Cladding Weight up to 400kgs

NOTE: These sizes apply to the standard range, N1 Wind Classification. All widths are subject to variation based on the Wind Classification, cladding design and height required.

Should your requirements sit outside our standard range we also specialize in custom design manufacture to suit your needs and specifications, whatever they may be.

Flush Finish Folding Facade Garage Door open showing Hyundai SUV
View of home near construction completion with the unique flush finish facade folding garage door

The door (in red) folds up with reduced extension inside and outside.

Smartech Folding Facade Garage Door features the full range of quality design features:

Customised Cladding

Proprietary Aluminium Extrusions

Color of your Choice

Stainless Steel Components

Comprehensive Sealing System

Motorised or Manual

Many Glazing Possibilties

Concealed Design

In order to successfully specify your Folding Facade Garage Door door please make sure to:

Advise Smartech of your cladding choice.

Make sure the rough opening is finished plumb, true and square.

Advise which glass solution you intend to use.

Specify the colour.

Specify Motorized or Manual Operation