It all started in 1958 when Anthony’s grandfather moved to Australia from Europe and started making custom windows and doors.

At Smartech we make motorised window, door and wall systems that open vertically. All of our custom windows and doors are elegant and strong and operate with ease. Smartech focuses on specialised applications and we love to sit down with our customers and discuss their specific needs, bounce off ideas and come up with interesting and effective solutions. Our customers are always delighted.

We are dedicated to enhancing lives through practical, well thought out designs. Knowing we have the experience, creativity and excellent products, it excites us to listen to you about your current and aspirational lifestyle and needs.  Then with custom aluminium fabrication of groundbreaking windows, doors and walls, we open up spaces that feel just right.

Industrial doors are the foundation story of Smartech. Over time, the company evolved to manufacture both residential and commercial architectural aluminium windows and doors.

Managing Director of Smartech

Anthony from Smartech holding big custom window

Born into a family who for generations had designed and manufactured doors, Anthony has a deep knowledge of the industry that only immersion since childhood can bring. He has been opening up spaces with custom windows and doors in Australia and internationally for 18 years, gaining insights that have culminated in the design of Smartech’s range of products. He takes pride in executing projects seamlessly and efficiently.

smartech custom doors open up space to a pool in a home

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