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Stylish design

“I love to challenge myself and design well thought out products that lift up vertically. This inspires architecture being able to make something different outside of the normal that provides customers with the ability to see and touch the difference!” – Anthony Cassar – Smartech Founder and Managing Director

Flush Finish Facade Tilt Garage Door featuring a beautiful architectural home with shrubs lining the driveway
If you have an architectural vision that you’d like to make a reality, Smartech is the right partner for you. We understand the desire to create something that is different outside of the normal. We love bouncing ideas around with our customers and finding solutions for them. Almost all products that leave our factory are actually customised.

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A great example of how you can turn a necessity into a feature is our Façade Garage Door. Imagine driving up to your property and all you see is one smooth façade where otherwise there would have been a garage door. This way, a garage can become part of a feature wall with customised cladding. Due to the design of our garage doors, they can hold an unprecedented maximum of 400 kg, which means you can even specify hardwood as a cladding option. The choices are almost endless.

Many of the projects Smartech have been involved in have been awarded design awards and have been featured on TV shows such as The Block, Grand Designs Australia and Better Homes and Gardens. We are proud to be able to contribute to the modern and stylish design of these projects.

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However, style doesn’t have to be limited by size. Did you know that our services include designing solutions for residential as well as commercial building projects? No project is too big! We have completed a large variety of projects from indoor/outdoor entertainment areas to large school gym doors.

To get a better idea of what we can do, please have a look at our Completed Projects brochure or our Commerical project portfolio!