kula beach shack entertainment room on second level with open tilt window

Smartech Tilt Doors, Windows and Walls lift upwards, leaving clear space and the unimpeded view we embrace with indoor-outdoor living. Our beautiful and strong products operate effortlessly to ensure everyone has maximum access to all the possibilities of their surroundings.

Tilt Overview
     Doors, Windows, and Walls

Smartech Tilt Doors, Windows and Walls lift upwards, leaving a clear space and an unimpeded view, which becomes an essential part of indoor-outdoor living. Our beautifully designed products operate effortlessly to ensure everyone has maximum access to all the possibilities of their surroundings.
Unlike bi-fold doors, there are no bottom tracks required, which means the same surface can continue indoors and outdoors and create one smooth look. This is particularly ideal for restaurants, car dealerships, and any indoor-outdoor living area.

smartech tilt door diagram showing how door extends outside when opened

Benefits of tilt doors, windows, and walls


We customize the frame of our tilt systems to suit different cladding options. This ensures flexibility and greater design possibilities for the entire building by customizing the design of its doors, windows, and walls. There is a huge range of cladding options available, including imitation stone, fibre cement, aluminium, metal, imitation brick and timbers or composite timbers, to name but a few.

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.
indoor pool and spa house with many glazed tilt walls


We supply the standard door, wall, or window with a quality polyester powder coat finish. We have an excellent range of powder coat colors available as standard, or you can choose a non-standard color for an additional fee. Premium quality powder coating is available for coastal areas or corrosive environments.

Note: Additional costs for the Premium Range


We supply all our Tilt Systems in either motorised or manual operation. Smartech offers a range of operators depending on the product and application.


Smartech tilt doors, windows and walls are all custom made. You specify the size, colour, cladding material and the mode of operation and we will create the perfect tilt frame for your project.


Durability and effortless operation of our tilt doors, windows and walls are assured with Smartech’s Balanced Weight System™. It is a counterweight design, which makes the operation of the doors, windows, and walls effortless.


All fittings of our Tilt System, including link arms and drive ramps are stainless steel.


Weight covers for our tilt systems are designed to enclose the counterweights out of harm’s way and provide a neat aesthetic finish. Covers wrap around, extending from the track and back to the wall.


Our high-quality dual sealing system seals the gap between the track and door or window and is complemented by an additional nylon brush seal that seals the gap between door or window and wall preceding the dual seals.

Underneath the tilt system is a PVC bulb seal that sweeps and compresses against the floor or sill threshold where it is fitted. An additional neoprene sweep seal can be installed forward of the bulb seal to further complement and enhance the sealing.

We use the exclusive Smartech lintel aluminium extrusion with rubber seal to close the gap at the door/window head. It is designed to integrate with the overhead bulkhead plaster lining internally.

Tilt Doors

Smartech tilt doors are extremely versatile. They can be used in many residential as well as commercial applications like in bistros, restaurants, shopfronts, factories, warehouses, and sports centres, commercial offices, showrooms, and private building entrances.

Many cladding materials can be used with tilt door frames and include glazing options, which make them a perfect fit for spaces where visibility and views are important even when the door is closed.

Tilt doors can also be clad with materials that match the building façade and be designed to flush-finish with the façade, so that they blend in with the rest of the building.

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Home in Prahran featuring Glazed Tilt Garage Door

Tilt Windows

a beautiful sunny day overlook river from family room with open tilt windows
Our tilt windows transform spaces by lifting the window up to rest beneath the ceiling. This way, the views are unobstructed. A clean, concealed window frame helps you focus on what is important: the view.

Double-glazing options are available additionally to the standard high-quality dual sealing system, making Smartech tilt windows a sustainable living option.

As an industry first, Smartech tilt windows have passed stringent Australian Standards testing and comply with AS 2047 (Mandatory minimum specification by the Building Code Australia for windows and doors) and AS 4284 (Testing of building facades).

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Tilt Walls

Smartech tilt walls are ideal for many residential and commercial applications, including swimming pool and sports complexes, showrooms, patios, balconies, and winter gardens. By simply lifting the wall upwards, it easily opens any space, allows air circulation and create an indoor/outdoor feeling.

Like our other tilt systems, tilt doors can be customised with many cladding options including glass.

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Balnarring Beach Community Centre opening their glazed tilt walls

Customised tilt doors, windows, and walls

All Smartech tilt doors, windows and walls are fully customisable depending on the application and cladding being used. Our experienced team will help you create the perfect solution for your building project. Please contact us via the contact form below or call us on (03) 9747 9233 to discuss your requirements.

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.

To successfully specify your Smartech Tilt door, window or wall please make sure to:

  • Advise Smartech of your cladding choice.
  • Make sure the rough opening is finished plumb, true, and square.
  • Advise which glass solution you intend to use (if applicable).
  • Specify the colour.
  • Specify Motorised or Manual Operation