Palm Beach Residence

We happily took on the challenge of installing our Glide-away folding door on the fifth level of this beachfront home in Palm Beach, Queensland. The architect searched Australia wide to find exactly what they were after with Smartech – particularly in this case our quality, fully warrantied powder coat finish and full sealing, which are optimal for this environment.

At this beach home, the outside open space is accessed with the touch of a button, and Smartechs’ specialised Compact Drive system uses a quiet German made motor which is completely hidden from view. This suits the residence and a sophisticated lifestyle. Managing Director Anthony Cassar states, “The Design has allowed us to stand out, to look different and show that difference. I have the most satisfaction when working on high-end projects that are well designed, suit the surroundings and where our products complement all lifestyle needs.”

Smartech Door Systems have the knowledge and detailing ability to cater to the higher end market. We have products which suit residential, commercial and industrial projects, catering to developments of all sizes.

Smartech Door Systems is widely recognised for our point of difference in producing architecturally finished products and can also cater for custom manufactured products to suit all designs.

St Bernard’s College

St Bernard’s College Essendon required doors to complement the building façade as part of the new college upgrade to the school. Smartech was able to offer doors for the large openings at the bottom of the building to beautifully open up the internal sports area.

This newly designed building has large viewing windows for the class rooms and home economics rooms behind to look out over the oval. The bottom part of the building was designed to store and operate as a gym area for sports classes.

Door sizes are 2600H x 5600W and 2600H x 5400W. Selecting the right product was made easy due to Smartechs’ standard triple sealing system. The seals fit up both the sides of the door and the tracks, minimising dust from the oval in front.

Penfold Mazda

Smartech was selected to install the Glide-Away folding doors as part of the work for the newly renovated showroom at the Penfold Mazda dealership. The door was designed to suit the newly created opening of 3500H by 5600W. This large folding door weighs 640kg and its glass panes are designed to be the largest possible.

The electrically operated folding door allows the huge glazed wall to open at the touch of a button. The commercial variable speed German drive motor features soft start/stop and learned position technology. Our Smartech aluminium drive system allows the chain and motor to be completely hidden, resulting in a clean look – the ideal choice for showroom doors.

Matisse Beach Club

Click here to see 360° views of the Matisse Beach Club

“Design has allowed us to stand out; to be different and show that difference. I try to give customers, designers and architects a distinctive way of looking at their surroundings. That’s art to me.”

Managing Director of Smartech, Anthony Cassar

Our Folding Doors connected perfectly with the design the architects had in mind for the Matisse Beach Club. We were engaged at the early planning stage, which ensures the best outcomes.

Smartech ultimately installed three of our Folding Doors, allowing effortless transition from an indoors that feels open to actual open space.

Our doors are supplied in a quality, fully warranted powder coat finish, and seal closed exceptionally well. They are operated with a completely concealed, compact German motor – right in line with the Beach Club’s unique look.

Smartech is widely recognised for our point of difference in producing Glazed Folding Doors, Smart Tilt Window Systems and Folding Facade Screens; we can custom manufacture quality products to benefit many designs. We have products which suit residential, commercial or industrial projects and can cater for developments of all sizes.

Click here to see 360° views of the Matisse Beach Club

Green Square Apartments

Our team at Smartech recently worked on the Green Square Apartments project in Victoria. Smartech was responsible for the design and manufacture of all the swimming pool doors for the development, along with providing our expertise and technical assistance throughout the project.

The Green Square project offered Smartech our most challenging commission to date. Working with the design team from the projects’ earliest stages, Smartech introduced new techniques to the manufacturing process to provide exactly what the architect and project required, together with a seamless installation.

Smartech initially became involved in the project because our innovative products are made from aluminium and stainless steel. The folding doors are electrically operated and the team provided a solution which resulted in the motors being completely hidden, and also allowed for quieter operation. The glass used is double-glazed and offers a complete seal solution for the heated pool environment. The pool is a luxury style indoor/outdoor facility which highlights resort style living.

Smartech manufactured 5 x 2700mm x 3300mm double glazed frames and coordinated the marine grade structure, which was mounted to the main concrete columns. Our team was required to make some changes to the motors in order to secure them in the ceiling space. The low E double-glazing and the Marine Grade stainless steel covers resulted in an impressive finish.

The Green Square Apartments are an exceptional example of cutting edge contemporary architecture and beautifully designed internal spaces. The project has been carefully designed in order to achieve a 4 Star Green Star rating and a 4.5 NUMBERS rating.

Smartech is dedicated to providing innovative motorised door and moving wall solutions. We keep abreast with the latest design and technology, positioning ourselves at the higher end market. Our products suit residential, commercial and industrial projects and cater to developments of all sizes.

Smartech is widely recognised for our point of difference in producing Glazed Folding Doors and Smart Tilt Window Systems. Known for our design quality, we can custom manufacture products to suit all designs.

Private Home

The architects’ brief was to create a continuous flow from both inside and outside the residence.The owners wanted their pool pavilion to combine a tranquil space with a functional entertainment area. Our Folding Door perfectly fulfills all their wishes whilst respecting the overall aesthetic of the pool area.

The motorised door incorporates wind-out awning windows to allow airflow. It opens to reveal a carefully designed interior with modern facilities, such as heating, cooling, a bathroom, and a flat screen TV which can be viewed from the pool or paved area.