folding systems

Smartech Folding Systems let nothing get in the way. Uniquely folding overhead, our folding windows, doors and walls open to create unimpeded spaces. Unlike bi-folds, they are not stacked to the side, nor do they require a floor track. Just a wide open space.


tilt systems

Smartech Tilt Systems lift the wall, door or window up and above. Leaving clear space and the unimpeded view we embrace with the indoor-outdoor living. Our beautiful and strong products operate effortlessly to ensure everything has maximum access to all the possibilities of their surroundings.


uplift window and door systems

Smartech Uplift Window and Door Systems, inspired by traditional door designs, lift vertically into the headspace above the opening, close to the internal wall. Designed especially for high ceiling applications, the Uplift Systems are available as a single panel or double panel units where the headspace is limited.


facade garage doors

Imagine… Driving up your driveway, you meet with pleasure one of the most prominent features of your cherished home. Your new facade garage doors, traditionally a necessary eyesore, now complement your home beautifully. Blending in with the cladding of your choice, they now open with a seamless welcome.

Smartech Door Systems

We continue a long family tradition of moving spaces that started in 1958

We make motorised aluminium windows, doors, and wall systems. All of our architectural windows and doors are elegant, strong and operate with ease. Smartech Door Systems focuses on specialised applications and climate-smart solutions, including double glazing. Not just average window and door manufacturers, we love to sit down with our customers and discuss their specific needs, bounce off ideas and come up with interesting and effective solutions. Our customers are always delighted.

We are dedicated to enhancing lives through the practical, well thought out designs of our vertical and horizontal bi-fold doors. Knowing we have the experience, creativity and excellent products, it excites us to listen to you about your current and aspirational lifestyle requirements. Then we open up spaces that feel just right.

Awards, accolades and certifications

AS2047.2016 & AS4420.2 to AS4420.6 window testing for wind and water
AS1288 glass standards of australia
bal40 fire protection

NATA Compliance and Accreditation. Smartech products have been tested and confirmed compliant with AS2047-2016, which includes the following Certificates:

AS4420.2; Deflection Test: Positive and Negative pressure applied to Smartech Product’s to test our Window’s maximum deflection under wind load.

AS4420.4; Air Infiltration Test: Smartech’s Window’s tested to ensure Energy and Acoustic Efficiency

AS4420.5; Water Penetration Resistance Test: this tests to ensure that there are no water leaks through the window into the building at the required pressure.

AS4420.6; Ultimate Strength Test: Negative & Positives pressures are applied to Smartech Products to ensure they will not fail.


All these tests include the AS1288 Glass Standard’s of Australia.


Smartech Product’s are deemed to satisfy the requirements for BAL40 certification, in summary: Our product’s are deemed safe in conditions of burning debris and ember attack with a high likelihood of direct exposure to flames from the fire front.


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