Flush Finish Facade Tilt Garage Door featuring a beautiful architectural home with shrubs lining the driveway

Facade Garage Doors Overview
     Tilt & Folding Garage Doors

Smartech Façade Garage Doors are uniquely designed to carry a large variety of custom cladding including heavy materials such as hardwood timber. This allows using the same materials for your garage door as you use for the facade so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Imagine… driving up your driveway, and you meet with pleasure one of the most prominent features of your cherished home: your new tilt or folding facade garage door. Traditionally a garage door is a necessary eyesore, now it can complement your home beautifully. Blending in with the cladding of your choice, the façade garage door now opens with a seamless welcome.

Meet Smartech’s latest addition to our range of innovative and highly functional products: the Facade Garage Door. This exciting new development is a first for the Australian housing market. Its unique design and technology take away limitations that previously existed in traditional garage door design.

FACADE garage door - TILT

facade garage door - folding

Smartech Folding Facade Garage Door diagram showing how door extends outside when opened
The door in red extends outside when opened.
The door in red folds up with reduced extension inside and outside.
Tilt Facade Garage Doors are great for where the garage is set back from the property line so that it can extend outwards when opened. No clearance space inside the garage is required. It can use one unbroken sheet of Facade which allows it to almost seamlessly blend in with the rest of the facade.
Where less space is available in front of the garage, a folding door allows to fold the door up in a space-saving way. However, some clerance space is required directly behind the door as it swings in and some additional head height has to be allowed for in the design as well.

Benefits of Facade Garage Doors, tilt & folding


Smartech’s newest product, the Façade Garage Door, will be customised to suit different cladding options such as but not limited to material, fixing distances, vertical or horizontal cladding, and even cladding thickness. These individual elements come together to create endless possibilities for your Facade Garage Door to fit into your project and vision perfectly.

The decorative cladding industry has introduced many new, innovative finishes for buildings. People love the latest timbers or composite timbers on their homes, including their garage doors, either as boards, battens or slats. For a natural look, there is imitation stone cladding. Other options include fibre cement, aluminium, metal, imitation brick and ceramic, to name just a few.

Smartech’s new Facade Garage Door frame can carry cladding weights up to an unprecedented 400 kg on top of the door’s weight. As a result, there is now a garage door that can carry the heaviest cladding weight in the market that will satisfy your unique requirements.

Capable of taking weights up to an unprecedented 400kg so that you can even use hardwood as a cladding material!

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the façade garage door cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.


The Smartech Facade Garage Door is supplied in a quality assured polyester powder coat finish. The frame comes in Mannex Black powder coat finish as standard, designed to hide surface defects cleverly and to provide an attractive, tactile surface. Other colours or mill finish are available upon request. However, for non-standard powder coat colours, additional charges will apply.


Although the Smartech Facade Garage Door can be supplied hand-operated, most of our garage doors are motorised and remote controlled for ease of use and convenience. The door comes standard with a Merlin MJ3800 operator kit, with an optional PE safety beam, battery backup and manual release. In addition, it includes soft start/stop, learned memory technology and sensitivity adjustment on closing. These features ensure silent operation and prevent accidents in the entrapment zone.

The motor is positioned at the top of the tracks to keep the garage looking clean, while brush seals completely hide the durable chain drive system.


Smartech’s Facade Garage Doors will be designed and fabricated to suit your order. To order your Facade Garage Door today, please tell us what the opening height and width is, which Dulux powder coat colour you prefer, which of our nominated type of cladding (including cladding weight per square meter) to use, and whether you want the door to tilt up or fold up.

Customized Garage Doors

All Smartech Garage Doors are fully customisable. Our experienced team will help you create the perfect solution for your building project. Please contact us via the contact form below or call us on (03) 9747 9233 to discuss your requirements.

Note: Smartech does not supply or install the cladding. The builder or project manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.


Many Garages today are multi-purposed. Our Facade Garage Doors can be fitted with 50mm thick insulating polystyrene panelling. Including a smooth flat board included on top of the insulating polystyrene panelling provides a finished design for the interior as much as the finished cladding exterior.

Smartech Facade Garage Door requires side room and headroom internally to accommodate the counterweight system, pulley head, and motor if included. Refer to the product technical details on the opposite page.


Our counterweight covers are either made from aluminium or Colorbond. They have been designed to hide all the moving parts, cover up the counterweights and, most importantly, protect the end-user from harm. The covers wrap around the tracks, weights and all moving parts to finish flush with the interior wall, providing the architectural finish.


Covers are designed to enclose the façade garage door’s counterweights out of harm’s way and provide a tidy aesthetic finish. Covers will wrap around, extending from the track and returning to the wall.


The exclusive range of Smartech aluminium extrusions, extruded from structural grade aluminium, is used in framing and sealing, providing strength and durability to the façade garage door.


As an optional extra, the garage door can feature strip lighting built into its frame transoms. Illuminating when the garage door is open, strip lighting provides a bright and inviting entrance for the vehicle and its passengers. 


As you can see in the photos, a “Flush Finish” design means the surface of your garage door and the building’s external wall are flush or level. We have designed the door to finish flush using our proprietary flush finish door jambs, which are L shaped and extruded from structural grade alloy. Therefore, the Facade Garage Door has been uniquely designed from concept to the finished product to be easily incorporated into your project’s facade (or fascia) for that beautiful seamless look.

Facade Garage Doors Systems:

tilt facade garage doors

Smartech Tilt Façade Garage Doors tilt upwards and rest just underneath the lintel when the garage door is open.

However, the highlight of this garage door is that it can be used with one unbroken panel of façade and is possible due to the exclusive Smartech flush finish jambs virtually hidden within the external wall or façade.

This makes it ideal for larger openings where decorative claddings, beautiful timbers or the latest aesthetically pleasing finishes are specified. Learn More…


The compact and elegant folding mechanism of the Smartech Folding Façade Garage Doors was designed to suit applications with limited space surrounding the parameters of the garage door.

They simply fold away neatly overhead.

Learn more…
Flush Finish Folding Facade Garage Door open showing Hyundai SUV


The latest variation of the façade garage door is our new Economy Tilt Garage Door with either a flush finish or standard finish. The new system offers savings through cost reductions, however it retains its overall beautiful architectural finish just like our premium system.

Find out more about Economy Tilt Façade Garage Doors
Featuring the new Budget Facade Tilt Garage Door

To successfully specify your Smartech Folding windows, doors, walls or louvres please make sure to:

  • Advise Smartech of your cladding choice.
  • Make sure the rough opening is finished plumb, true and square.
  • Advise which glass solution you intend to use (if applicable).
  • Specify the colour.
  • Specify Motorised or Manual Operation.