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Abu Dhabi Smartech project screens 01

Current project: Abu Dhabi - cultural heritage building

We are very excited that we have recently been awarded the project to supply numerous Smartech screens for the ‘Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalifa House’ (SMBKH) restoration project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They were designed as a customised solution for the style and functionality our client wanted to achieve. We always listen to the client’s wishes and try to find a perfect solution for them, but this is definitely a major project and we’re very proud to be involved.

The current owner of SMBKH is the Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA) Abu Dhabi. They decided to launch this ambitious project to restore the house in order to return this significant historic building to the local people and pass on this cultural heritage to future generations.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalifa house will be accessible and inviting to the whole community. The house will also include a specialised or multipurpose hall, special honorary events, commercial and retail activities. Landscaping and design will provide a tranquil space for relaxation and reflection.

If you are also looking for a customised window or door solution for your next building project then please do not hesitate to contact our Smartech senior sales consultant, Tiana Ribic, on (03) 9747 9233 or send an email to

Abu Dhabi Smartech project 02
Abu Dhabi Smartech project screens 01