Smartech Door Systems


Kula Beach Shack

Smartech installed our Tilt Windows into this Kula Beach House to create absolute flow between entertainment zones and their beautiful outdoors.

Importantly, our door systems are designed with corrosive spaces in mind. This makes them perfect for coastal areas such as Kula. Additionally, their effective seals and insulation ensure our systems are energy efficient. The owners were happy to make the responsible choice for themselves and the environment.

We assure architects and draftsmen of a perfect fit when you incorporate Smartech Door Systems into your new-build or renovation. And unlike other door styles that are notorious for jams, broken runners or sagging over time, both the Smartech Tilt Wall and Smartech Tilt Window systems rise up completely on vertical runners, resting in line with the ceiling. The products have no unnecessary technical features. This makes for a practical product, creating savings on building costs and minimising ongoing maintenance.

The owners chose our solid motorized system to smoothly operate their new tilt windows. The motor is compact and completely hidden from view within the structure itself.

Our Smartech Tilt Windows transformed this Kula Beach House, bringing it to a new level in indoor-outdoor living.