Smartech Door Systems management acknowledges that having appropriately trained personnel is essential in maintaining a safe and environmentally responsible workplace while achieving high quality of products and services. Where in-house training course requirements are identified suitably qualified or experienced personnel will plan and conduct the training. General awareness training will be included at Pre-start and Toolbox Meetings when required. Where considered essential to compliance with contract or licensing requirements, Smartech will ensure delivery of internal and external training but not be limited to:

This Management Plan 
Smartech and the Principal Contractor site specific safety and environmental requirements
Project and location hazard identification and risk management 
Incident reporting, and where appropriate, incident investigation

Certificates of Competency

To ensure that personnel comply with all appropriate licensing, ticket, permit or certification requirements relevant to the project activity, Smartech verifies qualifications and competencies at initial employment and at random where prescribed works are being carried out. Relevant records are retained for each person. No personnel must perform work under their certificate unless they reasonably believe that they are competent to perform that work. 


Permanent project personnel will attend a Project induction prior to commencement of work. The Project induction training must address the specific health, safety and environmental issues and emergency management arrangements at the project site.
Any specific Site Safety Handbook or “Other Site Requirements” issued to Smartech shall be issued to and retained by each individual employee or those of Subcontractors, permanent or temporary, on site at all times and produced on request by the Principal Contractors representative.

Project Induction

Personnel working under the direct control of Smartech will attend a Smartech site induction prior to commencing work. Personnel will be provided with site specific information and briefed on Smartech policies, processes, expectations and rules while working at the site. Additional induction may be conducted at the commencement of a work activity where a new or changed process is required or potentially hazardous activities are identified. Records of induction shall be maintained for all project personnel, including those of Subcontractors and made available on request by the Principal Contractors representative.

Risk Assessment & Management

Smartech will strive to ensure a safe and responsible workplace is maintained in which personnel, property and the environment are not exposed to hazards and to minimise consequences should an incident occur. We will establish a systematic approach that enables the identification, assessment and control of potential risks and hazards associated with the company operations. We will implement control measures based on a hierarchy of risk control that ensures risk is minimised.

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