At Smartech Door Systems we aim to enhance your life through practical, well thought out designs that take into account your current lifestyle and future needs. We understand that your home is more than simply the building itself. It’s about looking at all aspects, both inside and out, to ensure that your home compliments and adds to your lifestyle in every positive way.

Indoor – Outdoor flow is important for the recreational needs of the family, when it comes to creating more open space we help you achieve this by complimenting one of the Smartech Product range with the three parts of your living environment:

Landscape + architecture + Interior = Moving Doors & windows with today’s lifestyles

Some people believe that services supplied by Door or window companies are hard work and not suitable to everyone. And whilst this may be true for some companies, at Smartech Door Systems, we provide flexibility in the services we offer, and this all comes back to the support, that will be required to get your project across the line.

This process enables you, the client, to choose how much, or how little assistance you require, depending on your experience level and time. You have the choice of engaging us for a single product, or multiple different products depending on your needs, thus allowing you to achieve the benefits of our trouble free approach. It is this 3 Step process that sets Smartech Door Systems apart from the rest.

Step 1: Advice Service

Perhaps you simply want guidance for your new home or renovation project, as well as some ideas on what your budgets will allow you to achieve. For this reason we offer our Advice Service.
Here’s an overview of what you will get as part of this consultation:

A representative personally come to your home or office to meet with yourself and any other decision makers, to explore every possible option for your project.

This is your chance to discuss your wildest dreams with us adding advice as we go based on extensive industry experience.

Along the way we will give you an idea of potential costs, to ensure that your plans are staying within your budget.

We will also give you advice on the installation processes and likely timelines. You will have an excellent understanding of how long your products will take to manufacture and exactly what is required on site.

This is one step that you will be very excited about. This is your opportunity to discuss your project in-depth. You can ask us anything you like, we are only too happy to answer your questions as we go.

Step 2: Smartech Design Phase

Once we have completed Step 1 we then move onto Selection phase of the process. This is where you truly begin to see your dreams come together.

If you are renovating or starting from new then we start off by completing a Measured Drawing of your Door Opening. This ensures that we have correct dimensions and check to ensure final floor finishes, and lintel height. We shell price accordingly to the dimensions.

From there we can create a shop drawing or show samples of the glazing break-up. At this point you will now be able to actually see your design. We will also confirm with you our recommended installation of Aluminium tracks, and proposed frame finishes.

Once we have completed your selected design we then discuss any potential revisions to ensure that you are 100% happy with your proposed Smartech Product. Any required alterations and design refinements are then made, in our final Detailed Design, for manufacture. By taking this extra step we can ensure that your chosen design is correct and eliminate time delays from mistakes.

Step 3: Smartech Documentation

Now that the design and cost estimations are complete, it’s time to sort out the paperwork. We start off by getting the Quote accepted by the client, and reviewing what is included in our offer, and if all is good the client will sign off, and or provide a purchase order or contract for the goods as per all discussions based in part 1 and 2.

We will have all correspondence in the file based on each project to ensure a speedy service for questions raised by either client or ourselves. All Safety documents will be supplied as per standard industry requirements, leaving it all for Smartech to get the work done, with finishing your project with the initial design.