The Twin Drive Vertical Slider Window is a great opportunity for all sorts of applications, it also has a wide variety of uses for example; shop fronts, pubs, restaurants, café’s as a serving window. It also allows air flow through the building and to open spaces into larger areas. This new Vertical window is an electric operating system new on the market unlike the hand operated types, it is inviting with new stylish design that can be used within any of the above examples and many more depending on the design and applications of the product.


The glass that is used in the Twin Drive Vertical Slide Window is to meet the standards required within the desired place of preference, normally would be fitted with a 10mm safety glass, available laminated glass also. The window is locked by the motor and will be locked due to the pitch of the thread on the drive spindles, not allowing the glass panel to move up or down unless the motor is connected to a power supply source.

Note: The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight that may or may not be required to keep the window system operating easily.

Window Fittings

The sashless window is manufactured out of glass, It has an aluminium extruded guide that the glass sits in, this is connected to the extruded aluminium tracks and is driven by two drive spindles which are connected to the motors. The spindles are located within the drive rack and the brush seals to enclose the spindles.


The twin drive system is electrically operated by using two compact synchronised drive motors with the controller operating the two motors to turn evenly. The top window opens downwards allowing a smooth operation. The window can be opened via a push button on the wall or the supply of a hand transmitter is optional and available in key switch operation.

Key Benefits

The New Smart Twin Drive Vertical Slider Window is designed to suit a 150mm shop front opening and this system can be adapted to a timber or steel structure. The Twin Drive Vertical Slider is constructed from aluminium and has an extruded aluminium tracking system with two synchronised German motor’s, that operate the window up and down using stainless steel drive spindles. This system has two 10mm thick toughened glass panels, the bottom glass panel being fixed and the top panel is able to open and close which is driven by the motors up and down inside the tracks. All of which can be opened at a touch of a button.

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 A great assortment of powder coat colours are available for the aluminium parts.
 Twin drive Synchronised motors.
 Extruded tracks.
 Stainless steel components.
 Seals around the side of window and also the tracks.
 Accessible to replace motor when required
 Maintenance free operation

Finished Opening Sizes

Standard Range

Height: 2200mm and 3000mm
Width: 1000mm to 3000mm

Note: Height is based on 150mm shop front Internal Dimensions, these sizes apply to the standard range.
All widths are subject to variation depending on the choice of glass design and height and width required.
Please consult manufacture for a Window Specifications sheet along with the code number for ordering details.