Smartech lets you move up. The Glide-Away Uplift door, inspired by traditional door designs, moves vertically to the open position. Always with the sleek industrial aesthetic and quality craftsmanship we are renowned for, choose from a standard range of door sizes and glass designs, and appreciate our fast turn-around times to start enjoying a truly open and contemporary work space. The Glide-Away Uplift Door has been designed especially for high-ceiling applications such as show rooms and warehouse-type spaces, where is it possible to have the door resting in the open position, flush with the wall above the opening.

Door Openings

The Glide-Away Uplift Doors fit recessed from the opening. It is recommended the opening is true and plumb before fitting commences. As such, when designing for the Glide-Away Uplift Door, check to ensure you have the required ceiling space where the door is intended to be fitted. Check our detailed data sheets for specifications.

Door Construction

The door is manufactured as a single item with the four axles already attached. These connect to the running bearings with minimum fuss, guided by the specially extruded aluminium running guides for dependable door operation for years to come.

Note: It is the responsibility of the designer or builder to provide adequate fixing to carry all weight loads.

Door Frame & fittings

With its industrial-strength aluminium profile the Glide- Away Uplift Door frame easily meets Australian Standards for wind loads. The frame, running guides and fittings are all made from the highest-quality materials. Most components and fittings are made from stainless steel and all aluminium surfaces are powder coated as standard to meet ours and our clients’ uncompromising quality standards, creating an indoor-outdoor product that withstands the elements and lasts a lifetime.


All glass supplied and fitted by Smartech Door Systems is 6.38mm laminate safety glass as standard. Where toughened glass or Perspex is required please consult the manufacturer. If glass is not requested then it is the responsibility of the purchaser to follow procedures and to conform to Australian Standard AS1288 (Glazing Selection).

Note: The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight that may or may not be required to keep the door balanced. Standard 6.38mm laminate safety glass applies for standard glass designs.

Weight Covers

Weight covers are designed to enclose weights out of view and to ensure safety. Covers wrap around the weight mechanism extending from the track or drive rack and returning to the wall.


All doors are fitted with side bolt locks on each side of the lower frame. With motorised doors, no side bolts are supplied.

Note: Where doors are motorised we do not recommend the installation of any slide bolt locks as damage can occur when a motor is in operation.


The Glide-Away Uplift Door is balanced between the frame weight and the weights that are attached via the top two axle-shafts, over a pulley sheave. Door movement is guided by bearings attached to the door frame, operating in the specially extruded aluminium running guides. There are two axle shafts on each side of the frame, one at each end of the frame which allows the door to travel up and down vertically.

Optional Motorisation

Smartech Door Systems’ has developed a motorisation system that is so compact and unique you won’t even notice where the motor is located. The drive spindle shaft is made from high-grade stainless steel and it’s completely concealed ensuring smooth operation and years of travel life. The A 24V DC motor turns the spindle shaft easily and effortlessly. Using the latest in control systems, the controller knows precisely where the door is at all moments of travel. All motorised Smartech Door Systems can be opened and closed at the touch of a button or with turn-key technology.

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  Ball-bearing guide rollers
Seals around perimeter frame
A fantastic range of glass designs
Aluminium frame and tracks
Stainless steel components
A great range of powder coated colours available
Doors balanced with our weighting system assuring consistent operation

Finished Opening Sizes

Standard Range

Height: 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm
Width: 2340mm to 4900mm

Note: These sizes apply to the standard range. All widths are subject to variation depending on the choice of glass design and height required. Please consult manufacturer for a Door Specifications sheet along with the code number for ordering details.

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