Smartech’s Smart - Tilt Wall and Window System is designed to be incorporated with an internal balustrade and is an operable window which allows unobtrusive views designed to tilt and rise up out of the way. This new product allows for natural environments to flow through, so that you feel like you’re outside, at the touch of a button.


Smart - Tilt Wall and Window Systems fit within the opening. Openings are to be made to the exact finished opening sizes listed in the window specifications sheet to provide snug fit at seals, smooth operation and correct tolerances. Smart. The bottom of tilt window has a double rubber seal to seal against sub sill extrusion.


The window is manufactured as a single item with two axles attached that are connected to running bearings that are guided within a specially extruded aluminium running guide.

Note: Smartech’s products are to be installed to the structure designed to suit our fixing requirements.

Window Frame and fittings

The window frame is an extruded aluminium profile. The frame, running guides and fittings are made from the highest quality material. Most components and fittings are made from stainless steel and all aluminium surfaces are powder coated as standard.


All glass that is supplied and fitted by Smartech is laminate safety glass as standard. Where an alternative glass is required please consult the manufacturer.

Note: The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight that may or may not be required to keep the window system operating easily.


Smart - Tilt Wall and Window Systems are fitted with slide bolt locks on each side of the lower window. With optional motor selection, no slide bolt locks will be supplied.


Smart - Tilt Wall and Window Systems are balanced according to the weight of the window, thus allowing easy open and close operation. Window movement is guided by bearings attached to the frame, operating in the specially extruded aluminium guides. The axles are located half way down the sides of the frame, allowing the window to pivot half in and half out of the building line.

Motorisation (Optional)

Smartech’s motorisation system is compact and unique. The drive spindle shaft is made from high grade stainless steel and is concealed to ensure smooth operation. The motor turns the spindle shaft smoothly and effortlessly. Using the latest control systems, the controller knows the window position at every moment of travel. All motorised windows can be opened or closed from the touch of a button.

Key Benefits

The benefits of this window system, is that no panels are stacked to one side, If you put a balustrade inside behind the window you won’t require an outside balcony, saving money on building costs, yet offering the same benefits with an internal balustrade system.

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 Range of glass designs
Balanced opening system
Range of powder coat colours available
Aluminium frame and tracks
Stainless steel components
Seals around perimeter frame
Ball bearing guide rollers

Tilt Window System

Finished Opening Sizes

Height: from 1600mm to 2000mm
Width: 1000mm to 4000mm

Tilt Wall System

Finished Opening Sizes

Height: from 2200mm to 2700mm
Width: 1000mm to 4900mm

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