The Glide-Away Folding Door System by Smartech are the ideal solution for your outdoor pool pavilion entertainment area. Both designs create a contemporary and inviting space away from the elements, opening up easily when the sun is out for the ultimate in open-plan living. With the Glide-Away Folding Door System, outdoor living spaces are easily expanded, creating a fantastic and lasting impression. The doors are easily cleaned and fold up simply making them the elegant first choice in functional design.

Door Openings

The Glide-Away Folding Door Systems are constructed to perfectly fit opening sizes listed in the door specifications sheet. This provides a snug fit at seals, smooth operation and correct tolerances making it easy to operate.

Door Construction

The Glide-Away Folding Door consists of two folding frames attached by stainless steel hinges, with four axles.

Note: Smartech’s products are to be installed to the structure designed to suit our fixing requirements.

Quality Control

Quality control procedures are carried out by a series of thorough inspections at every stage of the project - from the purchase of raw materials, the cutting of materials and manufacturing, through to delivery. Strict quality control procedures have enabled Smartech Door Systems to position itself as the preferred supplier to our large client-base, from Landscape Architects and Pool Designers, to Architects who all recommend our products Australia –wide and across the globe. Quality inspections are always conducted prior to delivery to our clients. We have enlisted a team dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, always emphasising the principles of a value-added service, constantly improving manufacturing techniques, producing superiorquality products and providing a professional service at all times.

Door Frame & fittings

The door frame is an extended aluminium profile with tig-welded sections to provide a robust frame. The running-guides and fittings are all made from stainless steel and all aluminium surfaces are powder-coated as standard.


All glass supplied by Smartech Door Systems is 6.38 mm laminate safety glass. Where an alternative glass is required please consult with us directly at the consultation stage of your order.

Note: The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight that may or may not be required to keep the Door/Wall system operating easily.

Weight Covers

Weight covers are designed to enclose the weights creating a sleek look and promoting safety. Covers wrap around the weights, extending from the track or drive-rack and returning to the wall. Standard covers are normally 10mm Gal. An alternative aluminium cover is available for pool and spa environments. Please discuss these options with your consultant.


All doors are fitted with side-bolt locks on the lower part of the frame for each side of the door. (Please note, with the motorised option, no slide-bolt locks are required). 

Note: Where doors are motorised we do not recommend the installation of any slide bolt locks as damage can occur when a motor is in operation.


The Glide-Away Folding Door is balanced according to the weight of the frame, creating smooth and effortless operation. Door movement is guided by bearings attached to the frame, operating within the specially extruded aluminium guides. The upper-frame is attached by moving arms that help maintain the travel-arc when the Glide-Away Folding Door System is moving to the open position.

Optional Motorisation

Key switch and push-button controls are also available with Smartech Door Systems products. As the motorised component is compact and hidden internally, the minimalist look is never compromised. The drive-spindle shaft is made from high-grade stainless steel and turns smoothly and effortlessly. Using the latest in available technology, the motor system senses the doors position during every moment of travel. All motorised doors can be operated or closed by the touch of a button, or additional key switch.

Awning Windows (Optional)

To reduce condensation and encourage air flow when the weather does not permit opening-up your property, Smartech Door Systems offer optional awning windows (sized up to 600 h / 800 w) to our range of products. Please consult the manufacturer for further information.

Key Benefits

All Smartech Door Systems door products enjoy the absence of any floor track, essential for most doors on the market today. Doors which open out and stack to the side invite operating failures over time. This issue is completely alleviated with Smartech Door Systems’ range of intelligent door products. The ingenious up-opening design concept creates a more elegant and functional space, creating clean lines and provoking an air of effortless flow. Our doors are especially popular in homes with courtyards or entertaining spaces adjoining living spaces, and in retail spaces as staff can walk inside and out without any obstruction.

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  Range of standard sizes
Balanced operating system
A range of powder-coated colour options available
Seals around perimeter frame
Stainless steel components
Stainless Steel bearing-guide rollers
Stainless Steel bearing-guide rollers

Finished Opening Sizes

Glide Away Folding Doors

Height: 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm
Width: 2340mm to 4900mm


Note: These sizes apply to the standard range. All widths are subject to variation depending on the choice of glass design and height required. Please consult manufacturer for a Door Specifications sheet along with the code number for ordering details.

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