Lintel Head Extrusions

The Lintel Head Extrusion allows the inside edge of the opening to be finished from inside and out. When using the Lintel Head Extrusion, the plaster fits within the extrusion for a professional and neat finish. Rubber seals have been added to hide screws that hold the Lintel Head Extrusion in place. A double-seal system is used with comfort in mind.

Bottom Sill Extrusion

The Bottom Sill Extrusion ensures clean lines are not obstructed with technical features. The Bottom Sill Extrusions allow internal plaster to fit inside the extrusion so the job is finished to exacting standards, and as always with our doubl e seal system applied. Creating the 12mm aluminium rise from the sill allows for the main bottom rubber to seal the Smart-Tilt Window System perfectly, creating that perfectly finished look our customers expect.