Matisse Beach Club

Smartech Door Systems – renowned for their design difference installed their Glide-Away folding doors at the Mattisse Beach Club to suit the requirements of the architectural finish which were sourced Australia wide for the particular look that the architects had in mind. The products were designed to seal and were offered full warranty powder coating, this allowed the end user to appreciate the right product choice had been made at the planning stage.

Matisse Beach had three folding doors installed which allowed the transition to be created with a touch of a button, Smartech’s speciality designs allowed the compact German motors to be completely hidden to maintain the beach clubs unique look. Managing Director Anthony Cassar states, “Design has allowed us to stand out; to look different and show that difference. I try to give customers, designers and architects alike a distinctive way of looking at their surroundings. That’s art to me.”

Smartech Door Systems is widely recognised for their point of difference in producing Glazed Folding Doors and Smart Tilt Window Systems, Folding Facade Screens, They can custom manufacture products to suit all designs and are known for their design quality.

Smartech Door Systems have positioned themselves to the higher end market. They have products which suit both residential, commercial and industrial projects and cater to developments of all sizes.