Ettalong Beach

Gosford city council were looking for a unique look to the building as part of the works for the upgrade to Ettalong beach, Smartech Door Systems were able to create the seamless link of open-plan entertaining by creating contemporary glass Tilt Wall products which was designed to suit the Ettalong foreshore upgrade.

This venue opens up to the inlet of the bay overlooking the island ahead and allowing the beautiful views and flow of natural air to come inside. Smartech Door systems installed their Glide Away Tilt Wall that lifts up to allow customers and staff to move freely outside to enjoy the surroundings of what the fore shore reserve offers.

The products being designed to seal and offer full warranty powder coating allowed the end users to appreciate the right product choice was made at the planning stage.

The project consisted of 4 Tilt Wall Systems that were hand operated, external finish natural anodised.